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We connect buyers and sellers directly using a smart contract procurement platform thereby streamlining the entire process from start to finish

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We are striving to bridge the gap between consumers and suppliers

As a supply chain management solution that facilitates commodity trade between buyers and suppliers we ensure accurate, real-time tracking of commodities throughout the supply chain.

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contract creation
Contract Creation

Merchants, manufacturing companies and off-takers can upload their Purchase Orders (PO) for faster and more reliable supplies.

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Tracking Feature

We ensure real-time tracking of commodities on transit for transparency and accountability

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Supply Chain Management

Through our cutting-edge supply chain management platform, we connect farmers and aggregators to market, optimize logistics, and reduce post harvest losses. With real-time data, quality control and market access.

secure payment
Secure Payment

Escrow based payment are being made to suppliers through ETF or money transfer to the sellers

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24/7 Support

We offer round the clock support to both buyers and suppliers to enhance satisfaction and trust

For Buyers

How it works

Streamline your procurement process with Farmatrix. Easily create and manage e-LPOs, track deliveries in real-time, and ensure quality control. Enjoy seamless transactions with instant notifications and approvals, making procurement efficient and hassle-free.

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Create contract

Effortlessly generate e-LPOs with clear specifications and delivery schedules. Our intuitive platform allows you to define your procurement needs and connect with verified suppliers, ensuring a smooth start to your procurement process.

bid image
Accept bids

Review and accept bids from suppliers who meet your standards and delivery requirements. Choose the best offers to ensure quality and efficiency in your procurement process.

delivery image
Receive product

Track your deliveries in real-time and ensure they meet your quality standards. Utilize our logistics services for efficient and reliable transportation from suppliers to your designated location.

payment image
Make payment

Approve deliveries and make instant payments directly through the platform. Enjoy secure, hassle-free transactions with prompt notifications, ensuring a smooth and transparent payment process.

For Suppliers

How it works

Simplify your supply process with Farmatrix. From finding and bidding on contracts to delivering products and receiving prompt payments, our platform streamlines every step, ensuring efficiency and transparency in your transactions.

contracts image
Find available contracts

Discover a wide range of available procurement contracts tailored to your supply capacity. Our platform connects you directly with top buyers, providing opportunities that match your expertise and resources.

bid image
Bid for a contract

Easily bid for contracts that suit your supply capabilities. Customize your participation by selecting portions of open contracts, ensuring you can meet delivery standards and schedules.

delivery image
Deliver product

Utilize our optional logistics services to ensure your products are delivered on time and meet quality standards. Track your deliveries in real-time through our platform for a seamless supply chain experience.

payment image
Get paid

Receive prompt payments directly to your digital wallet upon delivery and client approval. Transfer funds to your local bank account or use them for additional services on our platform, ensuring smooth financial transactions.

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